Surviving the hell of Naples

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This inter.doc (inter.doc is a medium developed by consisting of 80% interview and 20% documentary) about 1 year, 1 month and 20 days in Europes worst prison – so they say – Poggioreale, the Hell of Naples, und the largest federal prison of Italy with around 3300 inmates instead of 1400 as legally allowed.

Language: English with English subtitles
Release: 22.02.2020
Quality: Full HD
Duration: 1 hour 7 minutes 34 seconds

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About me:
I have got – innocently – a sentence of 1 year 4 months and 20 days and was released 2 months earlier due to good conduct from Europes worst prison, Poggioreale, in the heart of Naples, South Italy.
This inter.doc is not to prove my innocence. Actually I do not want to discuss my innocence. I just know the truth. This content is about my impressions and my survival in the hell of Naples.
I am currently also making the manuscript of a book which both focuses on my prison experience and my past ready for publication. The book which will be published as ‘Memories of a (mad) man” in April 2020 as well as this inter.doc have been a difficult experience to me.
Most people don’t want to know about prison, prisoners, injustice. Most people think inmate are just bad people. And making ones prison experience public is risky.
But I wanted to allow others who did not have the ‘chance’ to make such an experience  more aware of the reality of prisoners. And wake up an often sleeping public conscience to the suffering of ‘deleted numbers’ in a system that talks about human rights – but is often as ruthless as the people called criminals.
And through the creation of those works I have been giving myself the blessings of much needed self therapy, by writing, filming, talking, drawing about an essentially traumatic experience.
I won’t write my full name here because I don’t want Google to index me with prison related keywords. And I enjoy some privacy. In the BEHIND BARS inter.doc you’ll find those informations, hidden in moving images.

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