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Cold war and 9/11

This is not – essentially – another article about the virus named SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and not about the pandemy – as the WHO proclaimed it to be – that it – apparently – created globally. This is an essay about fear. Fear as a weapon used with dramatic impact by entities that love to act from behind the curtain. And about the surrealistic, kafkaesk, morbid reality I’m experiencing. Definitely the most impressive shift of reality since I have been born in 1966.

During my childhood, the common, collective fear was the cold war. A fear that the next generation does not know or care about. But for me and the society around me, it was the fear number one. The next big, global installment of the fear principle was 9/11. Those airplanes that flew into the world trade center in New York. I remember them well – also because it was my birthday. To me those pictures being repeated that whole day on every television channel, printed on every single newspaper frontpage, repeated over and over like in an endless hypnotic loop where like candles on a morbid birthday cake. But what connected both those fears, looming over us like the proverbial Sword of Damocles which Dionysius II let hang over the once too happy court flatterers head, is an eerie feeling. That something is off. Something feels wrong. Terribly wrong.

The collective fear of the end of the world by nuclear destruction of two opposed systems, communism and capitalism, the second installment of that same collective fear, like one gear up on the global human fear scale, was 9/11 – the fear of terrorism. Fear number 1 led to a massive anti-communist witch hunt, powerful and unhindered secret service activity, a public happy with decreased freedom in order to protect survival. Fear number 2 made those collateral damages of the first one look small, infinitely small even. With those airplanes hitting the landmark of the land of the free values right in the core. Suddenly, freedom did not seem to matter anymore. Whenever the word terrorism fell, populations were eagerly accepting any kind of change of law. And whenever systems wanted to take more of the little remaining citizens rights away, they just needed to mention the magic word ‘Terrorism’. 9/11 was nearly 20 years ago and has changed reality profoundly. In retroperspective, neither the cold war fear nor the 9/11 fear made me fearful, but their repercussions on public opinion, the magic switch in reality which followed them.

Fear Number III

But now both of those fears and their astonishing global secondary effects which profoundly changed society do not seem so astonishing anymore. Fear Number III has arrived. And because I am not writing an article about SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and do not want to focus on this magic virus, I will refrain from calling it such and remove some of its occult power by just kicknaming it ‘C’.

Throughout history, totalitarian regimes have maintained control by imposing a strategy based on fear. Those who oppose the established order are called a “danger” to the nation by those in power. Creating fear and keeping people in ignorance are two infallible ways to stay in power.

Fear is an instrument of oppression, Revista Envio

C is more than any science fiction movie I ever saw, more than any distonian book I ever read, more than any scare story I’ve ever read in 53 years of my humble life on this year. And it is not the virus, of which a comparatively humble number of 56 people globally died today. It is the fear, the mass panic, the truly horrendous secondary effects of C.

The name is due to the characteristic, wreath-like appearance of corona viruses (Latin “corona”: wreath, crown). The word Corona is of Latin origin and means crown or also wreath and is known by the holy Corona, a martyr from the 2nd century.

Corona, origin

And those are not medical, not scientific. Those secondary effects are the endless flow of martial law implementations by systems around the globe. A truly extreme reaction unthought of in the past – and surpassing anything one could ever read or see in fiction by far.

56 died from C today. 3014 from tuberculosis. 2430 from hepatitis. 2216 from pneumonia. But C is king.

Fear number III has the magic power of an occultist wet dreams coming true. If those Illuminatis exist, or whatever they are called, that entity behind the smoke screen, they must have been mildly happy with the magic effect instilled by cold war, with medium smile since 9/11 and wildly grinning now.

“There is always danger for those who are afraid.”

George Bernard Shaw, author

Whatever medial, mass psychology, subliminal effort it took to instill fear number 1 and 2, fear number III is the chartbreaker, is the megastar, is the ultimate occult weapon as it seems. Fear number III has reduced all the accumulated fantasy of any filmmaker, author, artist in creating a massively altered fictional reality to a faint fart. C seems to be the ultimate psychological weapon, the holy grail of global control, the final tool.

Switch of reality

On the 3th of this month I left Switzerland for Spain – and yesterday I travelled from Spain to Germany. In only 14 days I experienced several switches of reality which feel like travelling from planet to planet.

When I arrived in Alicante 2 weeks ago, all was fine. Sunshine, people sipping on coffees and beers in the bars, people smiling, full of life. In the following days suddenly government decisions from around the globe regarding C popped up – and Spain was, by the King’s decision, put on Alarm state (a nice word for martial law).

And from one day to the other street where completely empty, shops, bars, everything closes with C warnings on the door. An eerie, surreal, dystopian silence took hold of Spain. And police started patrolling, closing down children’s playgrounds, checking suspiciously every face on the street. Then even drones came, patrolling with their stringent virtual eyes and informing all the stay home.

And when I arrived at the Alicante airport, with much look at possibly the last public transport, there they were. All those eyes full of fear, those mask adorned people proudly wearing what will because the fashion add-on of the year. And with another streak of luck I made it to probably one of the last planes before airport shutdown. And landed in Düsseldorf, Germany, again – probably, as one of the last before both countries completely closed their borders. To be beamed into a completely different reality, where shops and hotels are still open, people wandering on the street, smiling – still, somewhat – all normal, easy, fine.

But what will happen tomorrow. Every minute new policy changes around the world are communicated. Friends of mine in Greece are stuck, other in Ireland, others in Switzerland. All in different situations, all getting told in an endless row of new regulations and rules again and again how to now behave.

“If they tell us to stop breathing tomorrow, many would”, I half jokingly told an acquaintance in my cheap hostel yesterday. And cheap it is, as the receptionist told me yesterday, because it’s nearly empty. ‘Corona special’ I thought, smiling. Smiling – but sad inside.

And no, I am am for the protection of the old, the frail. And no, I am not by all means an non empathic being. And no, I understand that C is not just a joke.

But where is this going? What will happen in a minute, in an hour, how will reality look tomorrow, in a week, in a month? How far can the system go?

Is C man produced, is C a biological weapon against freedom, against humans, against those useless eaters ‘they’ apparently so disrespect? Is C a virus or a new religion of infinite fear?

What is C – really?

Deep trance sheep vs conspiracy nuts

There seem to be two opposite types of humans living in all systems around this globe. Those that think that systems are basically good and truthful and that the reality represented by the mass media is valid – and those that don’t.

Not only are those two factions of people, those that mindlessly believe in what the pharmaceutical industry sells them, in the godsend of all technology, that those behind bars deserve to suffer, that human rights are real – and those that don’t. But those that are often called by the previous group crazy conspiracy nuts – notwithstanding the fact that numerous conspiracy theories have throughout the history become facts – are not the majority. Far from it. Thus this article – again – opens a controversy of David against Goliath. Of the few vs the many.

And because democraties, or whatever the majority of systems could be named that pretend to be such, are majority concepts, as long as one group is possibly a minority of 2% versus an overwhelming majority of the remaining 98% whatever this majority will decide to happen, or let happen, will.

Thus not only is this article in the end another useless article written by a basically useless member of a small minority of ‘thinkers’ – but the impact of it will be as the impact of all the others I have written during those last over 10 years, nearly nill.

This, apart from the extremely impressive impact C has made on our collective reality, on laws, on freedom, on perception, on our rights, is the sad truth which with I would like to end another substantial amount of hours spent behind a screen typing, thinking, researching, looking for the right words, wording and rewording, revising – and finally hitting the publish button.

I often think about the fact how useless my work is. That while the corporate journalists do want to, do ‘have’ to (due to their orders and dependencies) lie and can actually live from it, I am and will remain a poor and useless writer of what I see as truth for most probably the end of my days.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

George Orwell

But then I also have to think of the innumerable people that lost their comfort, their freedom and often their life for the same reasons since many centuries. And in the name of those – and in the name of my own conscience – I will continue to write those most probably completely useless words. Until my last breath and until my existence on this Earth comes to an end.

And if C is – as a friend publisher said to me yesterday in a late night conversation – not just another test drive but the final occult theater act before the curtain falls – then I will (and have to) humbly accept whatever destiny will soon hold for me, and all of us. As the saying goes:

Sad – but true.